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Verizon Connect features are exposed through Verizon Connect TDE. TDE is cloud-based middleware, the uniform data interface to the Verizon Connect ecosystem. You can use TDE services to implement and automate mission-critical integrations between Verizon Connect and your enterprise:

  • Import/export data efficiently, synchronizing data with your third-party systems
  • Manipulate data, such as adding and editing jobs

    Figure: TDE integrates enterprise systems and Verizon Connect products

Product Updates

For information about features and changes in TDE releases, see the What's New? page.

You can find information about recent releases of other Verizon Connect products on the Verizon Connect Help website.

TDE Services: SOAP, REST, Templates

TDE is not an API but rather a toolbox of interfaces built upon simple logical Tables: it is a set of three different web services, to meet diverse needs.

  • DE-components
    Figure: TDE Web Services
  • Template support lets you import data to and export data from TDE tables by using data transfer templates. These templates import data from CSV (comma-separated value) files and export data to a variety of formats, such as CSV, XML-formatted data, or XPath.
  • REST Web Service is a REST API that uses streamlined JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) for working with mobile workforce data.
  • SOAP Web Service provides a full XML API that lets you pull Verizon Connect data into your application and push data to the Verizon Connect system from your application.