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SOAP Web Service
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The SOAP Web Service portion of Data Exchange by Verizon Connect (TDE) lets you build integration applications that work directly with your Verizon Connect data.

Current version:

  • Version 2 - TDE's interface for accessing the features of the original Fleet Customer API

Using the API

The following topics will help you make the most of the SOAP API:

  • Tutorials for SOAP

    These short tutorial projects demonstrate important and useful Verizon Connect concepts. Read or complete these tutorials to familiarize yourself quickly with the system.

  • Upgrading API versions

    If you are not using the most recent version of the SOAP API, this topic describes what changes you must make to upgrade your applications.

  • LegacyTelogisService API Methods

    Complete method documentation that describes the LegacyTelogisService API for operating on Verizon Connect Fleet objects.

  • Telogis.API

    Complete SOAP API reference documentation describes the classes, objects, and methods that you can use to work with your Verizon Connect data.