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Tutorials for SOAP
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These tutorials are made of short sample projects that demonstrate some important Fleet concepts and functionality.

Each project is fully functional and may be used with your own Fleet user account. All tutorials are written in both C# and VB. You will need a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or more recent.

Note Note

You will need to add a reference to the Fleet Web Service and provide your authentication details before each project will function. These steps are covered in the Skeleton Project topic.

  • Skeleton Project

    This tutorial describes how to create a simple Windows Forms application that connects to the Fleet Web Service. It provides a clean starting point for your own applications.

  • Driver Utility

    Learn how to create, delete and list drivers. This same paradigm can be applied to other objects, such as units, fleets, teams and markers.

  • Marker Import

    Write a simple console application to import markers from a CSV file into Fleet. Markers are used to represent locations and can be associated with a particular driver. Typically you will use markers to mark the locations of your customers or upcoming deliveries.

  • Exceptions Monitor

    This project is a simple application that displays exception events for the given time period. Local dictionary objects are used to quickly associate Exception objects with the appropriate Driver and Condition objects, bypassing the need to submit a query through the Web Service to obtain the necessary objects.