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Querying for templates
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Query for the existing templates with a GET request:

The response is a JSON Array containing the templates and their Ids. You use these Ids to reference the templates in other calls. These are possible return status codes:

  • 200 - OK: The templates were successfully returned (in the response).
  • For more information, or if you encounter an error, see Status codes and responses.

Example response:

{ "templates":[
    { "name":"HistoryDump","templateId":85536735},
    { "name":"UpdateMarker","templateId":85696403},
    { "name":"AddressMarkerMaker","templateId":85654857},
    { "name":"MarkerReader","templateId":85541245},
    { "name":"MoreMarkerMaker","templateId":85654813},
    { "name":"MarkerMaker","templateId":85541247}