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Input Class
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A Device can have inputs. Use the InputValue class to read the value of an input.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telogis.API
public class Input

The Input type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCategory
The generic type of this input. For example "VCore".
Public fieldConnected
True if this input is currently connected to a Device . Otherwise false.
Public fieldID
Input ID, typically describing the type of this input. For example "VCore_Ignition_".
Public fieldName
The name of this input. For example "Ignition".
Public fieldProperties
An array of Property objects describing this input.
Public fieldShowInHistory
True if this input is shown in history queries. Otherwise false.
// get the history for a Unit with ID 'unitID' over the past 12 hours
Point[] points = service.GetUnitHistory(unitID, DateTime.Now.AddHours(-12), DateTime.Now);
foreach (Point point in points) {
    // output the time and status for each pointin the history
    Console.WriteLine("Point {0}|, {1}|", point.Timestamp, point.Status);
    // if a point has inputs recorded against it...
    if (point.Inputs != null) {
        // ...output the value of each input
        foreach (InputValue input in point.Inputs){
            Console.WriteLine("\tInputValue - {0}, {1}, {2}", input.Type, input.ID, input.Name);
            if (input.Properties != null){
                foreach (Property prop in input.Properties){
                    Console.WriteLine("\t\t{0}, {1}", prop.Name, prop.Value.ToString());
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