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Location Fields
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The Location type exposes the following members.

Public fieldCellularCoverage
True only if unit is within cellular coverage. Not used.
Public fieldHeadingDegrees
Heading of the unit in degrees, measured clockwise from north (0).
Public fieldIgnOn
True only if the ignition is on.
Public fieldInput1
True only if input 1 is connected. Not used.
Public fieldInput2
True only if input 2 is connnected. Not used.
Public fieldLatDegrees
Latitude of the position.
Public fieldLonDegrees
Longitude of the position.
Public fieldQuality
Precision of the GPS fix.
Public fieldSerialNumber
SerialNumber of the unit this report was received from.
Public fieldSpeedKnots
Speed of the unit in knots.
Public fieldUnitType
Type of the unit this report was received from.
Public fieldUtcTicks
Represents the time (UTC) of this report in Ticks. E.g. DateTime.Ticks
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