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Unit Fields
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The Unit type exposes the following members.

Public fieldEngineHours
The total time in hours that the unit's engine has been running.
Public fieldID
The ID of the unit.
Public fieldName
The name of the unit.
Public fieldOdometer
The odometer reading for this unit. In the units for the logged in user.
Public fieldProperties
Properties associated with this unit. Available properties:
Name Type Description
Rego String The registration number for this vehicle.
Vin String The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for this vehicle.
Year String The production year of the vehicle.
Make String The make of the vehicle.
Model String The model of the vehicle.
Color String The color of the vehicle.
EngineSerial String The serial number of the engine in this vehicle.
PhotoID Integer The ID of a photo associated with this vehicle.
FuelType String The type of fuel used by this vehicle.
Notes String Any miscellaneous notes to be kept about this vehicle.
PhoneNumber String The phone number associated with this vehicle.
DisplayColor Integer The color used when displaying this vehicle in the listview and on maps.
TimeZone String The time zone this vehicle typically operates in, and as such should have any of its time based calculations based in.
Public fieldSerialNumber
The serial number of the physical unit connected to this unit.
Public fieldType
(read-only) The type of the unit. Values: vCore_G3, vCore_TC, vCore_TG, Quanta, Magneti, GenX, Pointer, Web
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