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[Response] section
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The optional [Response] section defines a detailed response for Create, Update, CreateOrUpdate and Delete templates. Each input row will have a corresponding JSON output array element with details describing how your data has been modified.

The [Response] section is a list of TDE columns that you would like in the detail response. A _detail element is also included in every response element to provide diagnostic information.

This section is optional in a template. If you provide one, you will get a detailed response; if not, you will get a summary response.

This topic contains the following sections:

Syntax Response Section

Use the following syntax to get a detailed response

  • For columns with basic Data Types (Text, Number, BoolType, etc.), simply list the column name to include the value in the response.
  • For columns with Quantifiable Data Types (Acceleration, FlowRate, etc.), list the column name with the unit of measure you would like the value converted to. Unlike the [Output] section, the unit of measure is required in the [Response] section.
  • For an Id column, you can either list the column name to get the internal id, or you can include an external key system name to return that value.
    • For example, Id(MySystem) would return the MySystem identifier for the entity.
  • For columns that support Telogis Key, you can include the Telogis Key name to return that value.
Note Note
You can request response fields that you did not include on input to see how your data has been transformed. This is particularly useful for fields that may be modified or generated based on other data.


Running this template with an input file with two records...

  TemplateVersion = 1.0
  TableID = Marker-1.0
  TemplateName = Marker Output Response Example
  Intent = CreateOrUpdate

  Id(test) =
  Tag =
  Lat(Degree) = Input.latitude
  Lon(Degree) = Input.longitude
  PrimaryCategoryId(Telogis, Name) = Input.Category

  PrimaryCategoryId (Telogis, Name)

would produce a response similar to the following:

        "Lat(Degree)": 30,
        "primaryCategoryId": "123456",
        "Tag": "marker1",
        "Id": "100000",
        "Lon(DDDMMSS)": "0970000.2",
        "_detail": {
            "operation": "Create",
            "succeeded": true,
            "commit": true
        "PrimaryCategoryId(Telogis, Name)": "Customers",
        "Id(test)": "marker1",
        "EnvelopeAddress": "654 S Raymond Rd, La Grange, Fayette, Texas, 78945",
        "DeliveryDate": null
        "Lat(Degree)": 30,
        "primaryCategoryId": "123456",
        "Tag": "marker2",
        "Id": "100001",
        "Lon(DDDMMSS)": "0970000",
        "_detail": {
            "operation": "Update",
            "succeeded": true,
            "commit": true
        "PrimaryCategoryId(Telogis, Name)": "Customers",
        "Id(test)": "marker2",
        "EnvelopeAddress": "654 S Raymond Rd, La Grange, Fayette, Texas, 78945",
        "DeliveryDate": null