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[TableOptions] section
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The [TableOptions] section contains table-specific settings that you can add to control how data is processed in your templates.

Entries in this section are case-sensitive.

This topic contains the following sections:

Tables with options

The following tables have options that can be used in the [TableOptions] section. See the table's documentation for details about the options available.


The example below shows how to add the [TableOptions] section to a template. In this case, the option is used to change the default behavior of the Route table.

Update template
TemplateVersion = 1.0
TableID = Route-1.0
TemplateName = Route_Update
Intent = Update
Output = CompleteSuccessful

DriverUnitSync = AssignOnly # Changes the default template behavior for Routes by setting a table option   

Id(routekey) = Input.RouteKey
DriverId(driverkey) = Input.DriverKey
TerritoryId(territorykey) = Input.TerritoryKey