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Marker Class
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Represents a geographical location, such as your corporate office or a customer's location.
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Namespace: Telogis.API
public class Marker

The Marker type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAddress
The street address of this marker.
Public fieldDriverID
The ID of the Driver associated with this marker.
Public fieldID
Unique ID of this marker.
Public fieldLatLon
Location of this marker.
Public fieldPrimaryCategoryID
The ID of the Category associated with this marker.
Public fieldProperties
Name Type Description
DeliveryDate Delivery Date
DeliveryArea Delivery Area
DistributionCenter Distribution Center
ScheduleNumber Delivery Area
SequenceNumber Delivery Area
RouteName The name of a route that this marker belongs to.
StopId Stop id.
StopNumber Stop number.
StopName The name of the stop.
Phone1 First associated phone number.
Phone2 Second associated phone number.
Public fieldRadius
Describes the size of this marker. See remarks.
Public fieldTag
User-configurable tag for this marker.
The Radius field is used by Verizon Connect Fleet to determine whether a Unit (for example) is at the Marker. This means that a large depot would have a larger radius value than a small depot. This ensures that the location of Units, Drivers and other trackable objects is correctly reported by Verizon Connect Fleet.
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