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2: Template Errors
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2.1: Template Syntax Errors
Error Code Description
2.1 Template syntax errors.
2.1.1 A template section was missing.
2.1.2 Required attribute in template section was missing.
2.1.3 Attribute value should be Boolean.
2.1.4 Attribute was an invalid URI.
2.1.5 Attribute was an invalid GUID.
2.1.6 Table not found by GUID.
2.1.7 Table not found by name.
2.1.8 Delimiter must be defined.
2.1.9 Invalid delimiter.
2.1.10 Tab is the only valid escaped delimiter.
2.1.11 Unknown newline delimiter.
2.1.12 Invalid Output option.
2.1.13 Invalid Format option.
2.1.14 Column definition format was incorrect.
2.1.15 Unable to parse to int in column definition.
2.1.16 Column definitions required.
2.1.17 Invalid OrderBy option.
2.1.18 Unterminated quotation.
2.1.19 Invalid default entry.
2.1.20 Invalid parallel execution hint.
2.1.21 Invalid TableOption value
2.1.22 Invalid OutputHeader value
2.2: Template Function Errors
Error Code Description
2.2 Template error around function usage.
2.2.1 Defined internal function does not exist.
2.2.2 .NET function does not exist.
2.2.3 Ambiguous .NET function usage.
2.2.4 One or more .NET arguments are invalid.
2.2.5 One or more script arguments are invalid.
2.2.6 Function is deprecated.
2.3: Template Column Errors
Error Code Description
2.3 Template table column error.
2.3.1 Table column not found.
2.3.2 Assignment to read-only table field is not allowed.
2.3.3 Custom data not supported on this table.
2.3.4 Multiple primary key assignments are not allowed.
2.3.8 DataType property not found.
2.4: Template Data Type Errors
Error Code Description
2.4 Error in usage of template DataType or unit of measure.
2.4.1 DataType output format is invalid.
2.4.2 DataType output format is not recognized.
2.4.3 Invalid name for unit of measure.
2.4.4 Invalid unit of measure for DataType.
2.4.5 DataType is not aggregatable.
2.4.6 Invalid DataType conversion.
2.4.7 DataType is not sortable.
2.5: Template Expression Errors
Error Code Description
2.5 Template expression error.
2.5.1 Symbol (calculated variable) was not found.
2.5.2 Invalid left side expression.
2.5.3 Invalid output expression.
2.5.4 Expression cannot be used in multiple template sections.
2.5.5 Circular reference definition.
2.5.6 Filter expression was used in the wrong section.
2.5.7 The given expression was not a valid expression for filters.
2.5.8 Invalid right side expression.
2.6: Template Semantic Errors
Error Code Description
2.6 Semantics of the template are incorrect.
2.6.1 Column cannot be used as a Telogis key.
2.6.2 Table does not support external keys.
2.6.3 A filter could not be found for retrieve template.
2.6.4 Invalid template intent.
2.6.8 Invalid namespace.
2.6.9 Structured Data only supports XPATH and JSON formats.
2.6.10 Telogis keys are not supported in retrieve templates.