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Error Handling
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This topic contains the following sections:

Error Codes

Error codes are grouped in the following sections:

  • 1: Security: Indicates some type of security or authentication error occured.
  • 2: Template: Indicates there was error in the template.
  • 3: Validation: Indicates there was an error in data validation.
  • 4: Request: Indicates there was an error regarding the request.
  • 5: Internal: Indicates there was an error on the server.
  • 6: User Script: Indicates there was an error with a user script.
  • 7: Legacy Soap: Indicates there was an error in the legacy SOAP request.

Error Data Schema

Error information is stored in the following data schema. The format of the error response depends on the type of request.

If you are building an application that depends on TDE operations, and it needs to make a decision based on receiving a specific error, then you must use the ErrorCode rather than the ErrorText in your code. The ErrorCode is a value that applications can reliably use to handle error responses, while the ErrorText is a human readable string not suitable for application consumption.


The ErrorResponse is the top level response returned for SOAP and REST calls.

ErrorInfoErrorInfo[]Describes all errors that occurred.
ErrorTextstringHuman readable message of the errors.


ErrorInfo is either returned as part of the ErrorResponse array for SOAP and REST calls, or it is the top level response for errors that occur when using the web service to work with TDE templates.

Member Type Purpose
ErrorCode string Error code for the error.
ErrorText string Human readable description of the error.
ErrorParameters ErrorParameter[] If applicable, a list of parameters associated with the error.


The ErrorParameters array is only returned as part of ErrorInfo. It provides additional information about the error if it is available, such as the parameter and value that caused the error.

ParameterstringName of the parameter that was in error.
ValuestringValue of the parameter that was in error.
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