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Error Handling
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This topic contains the following sections:

Status codes

These are the key HTTP status codes that are used by TDE REST calls:

  • 200 - OK: Indicates that the request was completed successfully.
  • 400 - Bad Request: Indicates that the server cannot understand a request. Look for a problem with the data.
  • 401 - Unauthorized/Bad Authorization: Indicates that the server cannot use the provided login.
  • 403 - Forbidden: Indicates that the server refuses to fulfill a request.
  • 429 - Too many requests: Indicates that too many requests have been received from a user or IP address in a given amount of time.
    Note Note

    Calls to REST/Template APIs are limited to 10 requests per second per customer account.

  • 500 - Internal server error: Indicates that a generic error has occurred on the server.
  • 503 - Service Unavailable: Indicates that the server is busy. Generally, this is a temporary issue. Retry your request at a later time.

Error Response

All error responses will be returned as a JSON object. See Error Response Data Schema.


            "errorText":"Unit 99999999 does not exist",
            "errorText":"130 invalid for Lat. Value must be between -90 - 90 Degrees",
    "errorText":"At entry 1: Unit 99999999 does not exist; 130 invalid for Lat. Value must be between -90 - 90 Degrees"