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Making REST service calls
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This topic contains the following sections:

Base URL

All service calls are made relative to a base URL of https://<customer>, where <customer> is your account name. Throughout this documentation you will see used as an example fictitious account.

You make REST calls by appending the service address to the base URL:



Note Note

Calls to REST/Template APIs are limited to 10 requests per second per customer account.


You first make a login call to request a token, which you will add to authenticate your subsequent calls:


Except for login requests, every other request must include an authentication token in order to succeed.

You supply the authentication token to subsequent requests in one of two ways:

  • Including an "auth" cookie in the request, where the value of the cookie is the authentication token.
  • Supplying a query string argument named "auth" with the value set to the value of the token, such as
Request and response structure

All post requests must set their content type header to application/json.

The body of any Request or Response is either empty or is formed as a JSON object sent as UTF-8 encoded text.

Note Note

TDE services support dynamic compression, which you can specify in your request headers (Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate). See the documentation for your client for how best to add this request to your headers.