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UserTimeZone Field
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Daylight saving is automatically applied where appropriate. The timezone setting of the user used to access this API should be set to UTC.

TimeZone Description
West to east, North American and Canadian
HST Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
AKT Alaska Standard Time
PST Pacific Standard Time
MST Mountain Standard Time
CST Central Standard Time
EST Eastern Standard Time
NST Newfoundland Standard Time
SKT Saskatchewan (no DST)
AST Arizona (no DST)
South America
COL Columbia
VET Venezuela
CLT Chile
ARN Argentina (no DST)
BRT Brazil
BRN Brazil (no DST)
MEX Mexico
AWS Australian Western Standard Time
ACS Australian Central Standard Time
AES Australian Eastern Standard Time
WET Western European Time
CET Central European Time
EET Eastern European Time
CNT China Time
NZT New Zealand Standard Time
WAT West Africa Time
CAT Central Africa Time
EAT East Africa Time
SAT South Africa
NMT Namibia

Namespace: Telogis.API
public string TimeZone

Field Value

Type: String
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