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TelogisUnit Class
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Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telogis.API
public class TelogisUnit

The TelogisUnit type exposes the following members.

Public fieldAssetType
The name of the Asset type assigned to this vehicle.
Public fieldBaseMarkerId
The ID of the marker for the base where this vehicle is assigned.
Public fieldColor
The color of this vehicle (based on user input).
Public fieldDeviceType
The type of device (unit) installed in the vehicle. Possible values: PLS, CDPD, BlackBerry, SimpleWebUnit, vG3, REDI2000, Everex, LMU, vCore, Quanta, GenX, Pointer, Magnetic, Airlink, Express, Portman, Web
Public fieldDriverId
The ID of the driver that is assigned to this vehicle.
Public fieldEngineSerial
The serial number of the engine in this vehicle.
Public fieldFuelBurnLitersPerHour
The rate at which fuel is consumed when this vehicle is idling.
Public fieldFuelType
The type of fuel that this vehicle uses. Possible values: Not_Set, Diesel, Gasoline, Ethanol, Propane, CNG, A_55, E_85, M_85, Gasohol, LNG, Methanol, Biodiesel, Other
Public fieldInstallType
The Id of the install type describing how the unit is hooked up for this vehicle.
Public fieldLastLocation
The location of the vehicle at the time that it sent the last point that was received.
Public fieldLinkDate
The date when the unit's contract begins. This value can be set when a unit is created; once set, it is read-only. If not specified, the value defaults to the current date. You can specify a date up to two weeks in the future. You can also specify a retroactive date based on your account configuration settings.
Public fieldMake
The manufacturer of this vehicle (based on user input).
Public fieldMaxEconomicalRPM
The maximum RPMs for this vehicle's 'economical' zone.
Public fieldMinEconomicalRPM
The minimum RPMs for this vehicle's 'economical' zone.
Public fieldModel
The model of this vehicle (based on user input).
Public fieldNotes
Free-form notes that are associated with this vehicle.
Public fieldOdometerKm
The current odometer reading for this vehicle, which updates based on vehicle movement. It may need periodic resets due to discrepancies between odometer readings and estimates based on vehicle movement.
Public fieldPenskeId
The Penske number of this vehicle.
Public fieldRegistrationId
The vehicle registration number.
Public fieldSerial
The serial number of unit that is installed in this vehicle.
Public fieldTag
The name of this vehicle. (Maximum of 30 characters)
Public fieldTags
The comma-delimited list of tags that are assigned to this vehicle.
Public fieldTimeZone
The time zone in which this vehicle is based, which must be a supported time zone string.
Public fieldTotalEngineHours
The total engine hours for this vehicle.
Public fieldVehicleCategory
The category of this vehicle, which is a user-defined value for grouping vehicles in the dashboard.
Public fieldVin
The vehicle identification number (VIN).
Public fieldYear
The model year of this vehicle (based on user input).
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