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DriverProperties Field
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Name Type Description
RouteCat Integer The ID of a category you want associated with this driver's route.
FirstName String The driver's first name.
MiddleName String The driver's middle name.
LastName String The driver's last name.
Address1 String Line one of the driver's address.
Address2 String Line two of the driver's address.
Address3 String Line three of the driver's address.
City String The city that the driver lives in.
State String The state that the driver lives in.
Zip String The zip or postal code of the driver's address.
PhotoId Integer The id of a photo associated with this driver. See CreatePhoto(String, Byte)
Phone1 String The driver's phone number
Phone2 String An alternate phone number for the driver.
Mobile String The number of the driver's mobile phone.
Email String The driver's email address.
EmployeeNumber String The driver's employee number.
SupervisorID String The company ID of the driver's supervisor.
HireDate Date The date that the driver was hired.
LeaveDate Date The date when the driver is scheduled to leave.
InsAccountNo String The Number of the driver's insurance policy.
InsCarrier String The carrier for the driver's insurance policy.
InsExpires Date Date when the driver's current insurance policy expires.
LicNumber String The number of the driver's operating license.
LicClass String The class of the driver's operating license.
LicState String The state that issued the driver's operating license.
LicExp Date Date when the driver's license needs to be renewed.
PinNo String The PIN number for the driver's PND (for drivers equipped with Verizon Connect Mobile).
HosStatus Boolean True if the driver submits hours of service reports, false otherwise.
HosRuleType String The type of regulations that the Hours of Service Reports must comply with.
Notes String Free-form notes supplied for the driver.

Namespace: Telogis.API
public Property[] Properties

Field Value

Type: Property
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