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RoutingSettings data type
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The data type RoutingSettings is a nested data type that encapsulates the route settings of a given object. These settings are used by the routing engine to help plan the optimal route based on your unique requirements.


For more information about working with subfields, see Accessing subfields.

The RoutingSettings data type contains the following subfields:

SubfieldData TypeDescription
HasSameSideRoutingBoolTypeDetermines if Same Side Routing is enabled for the route. If Same Side Routing is enabled, u-turns are enabled by default.
TollRoadsAllowedBoolTypeGets or sets whether this route is or is not allowed to use toll roads. Default is true.
UTurnsAllowedBoolTypeWhen true, allows the routing engine to instruct a u-turn. When false, generated routes will not contain u-turns if possible. Default is true.
FerriesAllowedBoolTypeSets whether ferry crossings are allowed (true) or should be avoided as much as possible (false). Default is true.
UseHistoricTrafficBoolTypeDetermines if routing cost estimates take into account historical traffic data for the roads the routed vehicle travels along. For example, some routes take longer to complete during peak traffic hours on weekdays.
UseLiveTrafficBoolTypeDetermines if routing cost estimates take into account live traffic data for the roads the routed vehicle travels along.
VehicleTypeEnumTypeThe classification of the vehicle.
VehicleHeightDistanceMaximum height of the vehicle.
VehicleLengthDistanceMaximum length of the vehicle.
VehicleWidthDistanceMaximum width of the vehicle.
VehicleDistanceFromKingpinToLastAxleDistanceDistance from the kingpin to the last trailer axle.
VehicleGrossWeightWeightTotal weight of the vehicle (including fuel, cargo and passengers).
VehicleUnladenWeightWeightUnladen (without cargo) weight of the vehicle.
VehicleNumberOfAxlesNumberTotal number of axles on this vehicle (including trailers).
VehicleNumberOfWheelsNumberTotal number of wheels on this vehicle.
VehicleNumberOfTrailersNumberTotal number of trailers pulled by this vehicle.
JavaScript conversion

When you use the optional [Script] section section to insert your own JavaSCript functions, access this data type as follows:

new RoutingSettings({UseLiveTraffic:true,VehicleNumberOfAxles:2})
Available fields for (get,set)

You can access these RoutingSettings elements as fields:

  • .HasSameSideRouting

  • .TollRoadsAllowed

  • .UTurnsAllowed

  • .FerriesAllowed

  • .UseHistoricTraffic

  • .UseLiveTraffic

  • .VehicleType

  • .VehicleHeight

  • .VehicleLength

  • .VehicleWidth

  • .VehicleDistanceFromKingpinToLastAxle

  • .VehicleGrossWeight

  • .VehicleUnladenWeight

  • .VehicleNumberOfAxles

  • .VehicleNumberOfWheels

  • .VehicleNumberOfTrailers