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UnitsOfMeasure data type
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The data type UnitsOfMeasure specifies a users preferred units of measure for displaying and reporting measurement values like distance, volume, weight, and temperature in the Verizon Connect Fleet platform or mobile applications.

You can use a User table retrieve template or the GET /user operation to retrieve the UnitsOfMeasure preferences for users.

The UnitsOfMeasure datatype is made up of the subfields described below.


When you specify UnitsOfMeasure values, you can reference individual subfields that specify the values for measurement types like distance and volume. For example, you can set and retrieve preferred settings for distance by referencing UnitsOfMeasure.Distance. For more information about working with subfields, see Accessing subfields.

The UnitsOfMeasure data type contains the following subfields:

SubfieldData TypeDescription
DistanceEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting distance measurements: Imperial, Metric.
VolumeEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting volume measurements: USGallon, Liter, ImperialGallon.
WeightEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting weight measurements: Kilogram, Pound, MetricTon, USTon, UKTon.
TemperatureEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting temperature measurements: Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin.
PressureEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting pressure measurements: Bar, KiloPascal, or PoundsPerSquareInch.
AccelerationEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting acceleration measurements: MilesPerHourPerSecond, FeetPerSecondSquared, KilometersPerHourPerSecond, MetersPerSecondSquared,StandardGravity.
FuelEfficiencyEnumTypeSpecifies the unit type for reporting fuel efficiency measurements: USMilesPerGallon, ImperialMilesPerGallon, KilometersPerLiter, LitersPer100Kilometers.