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GET /user
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This service is used to retrieve the details of a specific User.


No request body is used for this service. Arguments are included as part of the request URL.


On success, the response body contains the JSON object that represents a user:

Member Type Purpose
id string The ID of the user.
username string The username used to login.
emailAddress string The user's email address. Must be a valid email address.
fullName string The user's full name.
timeZone string The user's time zone, expressed as a three character abbreviation.
disabled bool Indicates whether the user is disabled. If set to true, the user cannot log in.
lastLogin string The user's last login time.
driverId string The user's driver ID. If set, the user is also a driver.
anytime bool? (DEPRECATED) Indicates whether the user can log in anytime. If set to false, the user has access restrictions.
accessWindowType string Indicates the type of access restriction this user has. Values: None, Basic, and RestrictAccessWindow.
restrictedStartHour string The hour that determines when a restricted user is allowed to log in for the day.
restrictedEndHour string The hour that determines when a restricted user's access ends for the day.
accessDays string[] The user's restricted access days. The user will not be able to login outside of these days.
streetAddress string The user's street address.
city string The user's city.
state string The user's state or region.
postalCode string The zip code or postal code of the user's address.
hierarchyNodeId string The ID of the Hierarchy node to which the user is assigned.
phone1 string The user's phone number.
phone2 string The user's alternate phone number.
mobilePhone string The user's mobile phone number.
customerId string The ID of the customer account to which the user belongs.
unitsOfMeasure UnitsOfMeasure The user's unit of measure settings that determine the type of units to use when displaying measurements like distance, volume, and weight.
idpUserName string The user's identity provider (IdP) username, which is only available if the customer has registered for single sign-on (SSO).
If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.