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POST /signature
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This service is used to add one or more signature ids and their associated data to those available for retrieval.


The Request body is a JSON array of signature objects:

Member Type Purpose
id string Uniquely identifies the signature data. When set, it indicates that an event has been signed by a driver.
data string Contains the binary signature data encoded as Base64. The specification for encoding binary signature data is as follows:

Signature data begins with a header section, followed by a number of point collections. To reconstruct the signature, each of these point collections must be rendered in turn with connecting line segments.


On success, the response body contains a JSON array of signature objects. There will be one entry in the array for each entry in the request body. If a transaction error occurs while processing a particular signature object, that object will include additional fields specified by the error object.

If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.