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GET /form/<form_id>/events
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This service is used to retrieve all recorded events for a form.

The form_id identifies which form that all the returned form events will belong to. This uses the id attribute of the form object

Example of a valid request:

GET /form/eb8fab4eae8b4634932f5c0e71e11463/events

No request body is used for this service.

Required parameter

form_idstringIdentifier of the form for which events are to be returned

On success, the response is a JSON array of form event objects:

Member Type Purpose
id string (read-only) Uniquely identifies the form event. This is an alphanumeric identifier.
formVersionId string Identifies the version id of the form this event belongs to.
eventCode string Free text event description code.
createTime string The timestamp when the event was created.
formId string (read-only) Identifies the form this event belongs to.
formVersionNumber int (read-only) Identifies the version number of the form this event belongs to.
driverName string (read-only) The name of the driver who created this event.
All available fields are included in the response objects.

If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.