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GET /form_templates?ids=<id>[,<id>]
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This service is used to retrieve available Form Templates using a list of Form Template IDs.

Examples of valid requests:

GET /form_templates?id=eb8fab4eae8b4634932f5c0e71e11463
GET /form_templates?ids=eb8fab4eae8b4634932f5c0e71e11463,635df5b638ad45d4ac1e631139634003

No request body is used for this service.

Optional parameters

history string (default: "None") This option controls if previous revisions of the definition XML will be returned in the "previousRevisions" property of the form template object. Available options:
  • None: no history will be returned. The "previousRevisions" property of the form object will be null.
  • FullContent: the "previousRevisions" property of the form template object will contain a list of the XML's previous revisions.

On success, the response is a JSON array of form template objects:

Member Type Purpose
id string Uniquely identifies the template. This is an alphanumeric identifier.
name string The human-readable name of the template.
definition string A string containing an XML document that defines the Form Template.
formType string Type of the form template, which is "standard" by default.
revisionNumber int Revision number that increments with each editing of the event (1 indicates the original version).
previousRevisions string[] List of previous definition XMLs in chronological order (the content of this property is controlled by the "history" request parameter).

If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.