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/driver - GET
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This topic contains the following sections:


This service is used to retrieve the details of the authenticated driver (the one who is currently logged in).


No request body is used for this service.


On success, the response body contains the JSON object that represents a driver:

Member Type Purpose
employeeNumber string The company-specific employee number for the driver.
username string The username used by the driver to log in.
firstname string The driver's given (first) name.
surname string The driver's family (last) name.
mobilePhone string The driver's mobile phone number. Must be a valid mobile phone number.
basedAt string The home base of the driver.
ruleType string For HOS compliance, specifies which rules apply. Values: The type of Hours of Service (HoS) rules. Values: Default, Federal60, Federal70, Texas70, California80, CanadaSouth70, CanadaSouth120, BritishColumbia70, BritishColumbia120, Alberta, Florida70, Florida80.
depotId string The ID of the depot.
depotLocation string The location of the depot as a lat/lon pair.
nickname string The unique name for the driver.
unitId string The Id of the unit that the driver is assigned to. If no unit is returned, the driver is currently unassigned.
tags string[] List of tags assigned to the driver.
id int? Uniquely identifies the driver. This is an integer identifier.
licenseNo string The user's drivers license number.
licenseState string The state the drivers license was issued.
licenseClass string The class of the drivers license.
licenseExpiry string The expire date of the drivers license (in UTC, as "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ").
custom JSON object (read-only) Contains one or more key-value pairs for any custom fields and values defined for the driver. The items returned for this object can vary between drivers.
If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.