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GET /media/video/<id>
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This service is used to retrieve the details of a specific MediaVideo. The video is identified by its ID, which is added as the last part of the URL.


No request body is used for this service.


On success, the response body contains the an array containing a single JSON object that represents a MediaVideo:

Member Type Purpose
id string The ID of the video.
name string The name of the video file. If the file extension is not specified, browser clients derive it from the content type.
description string The description of the video file.
originalUrl string The default URL to the video file.
thumbnailUrl string The URL to the thumbnail image of the video file (optional).
duration int The duration of the video file in seconds.
lastUpdateTime string The time the video file was last edited.
contentType string (read-only) The MIME Content-Type (file format) of the video.
If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.