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DELETE /forms
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This service removes one or more forms for the authenticated driver. Only form instances with a status of Saved can be removed. Submitted forms cannot be deleted.


The Request body is a JSON array containing the ID for each form instance to be removed. If no form instance exists with the specified ID, or if the form cannot be deleted, then an error is returned.

Example request:

DELETE /forms

If the request was submitted successfully, then a JSON array of DeleteResponse objects is returned. The DeleteResponse object includes status information for each ID submitted in the request. If any errors occurred for one or more of the forms in the request, then the DeleteResponse includes the error details.

Member Type Purpose
id string Uniquely identifies the object submitted for deletion.
successful bool If true, indicates the object was successfully deleted. If false, an error occurred.
details ErrorInfo Lists any errors related to the delete request.
Member Type Purpose
ErrorCode string Error code for the error.
ErrorText string Human readable description of the error.
ErrorParameters ErrorParameter[] If applicable, a list of parameters associated with the error.

If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.