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GET /geocode/<lat>,<lon>
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This service is used to retrieve an address for a specified geocode (latitude and longitude). The reverse geocoding finds the nearest street to the given location and calculates the street number using the nearest point on the street, interpolating where data is unavailable.

Example of a valid request:

GET /geocode/-43.543820, 172.591542

No request body is used for this service.


On success, the response is a JSON array of Address objects:

Member Type Purpose
street string The street number and name of the address.
city string The city in which the address is located.
region string The region in which the address is located (e.g., state or province).
postalCode string The postal code or zip code of the address.
lat double (required for POST) The latitude of the address in decimal degrees.
lon double (required for POST) The longitude of the address in decimal degrees.
bearingFromStreet double? The side of the road on which the address is located, indicated as an angle in decimal degrees (0 is north, 90 is east).
suburb string The suburb in which the address is located.
If the request fails, an Error Response is generated.