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Id data type
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The data type Id identifies an entry in a table and can be a GUID, an integer, or a long. Normally, you access entities (jobs, units, drivers) using your own external keys to the underlying Ids. However, should you use Telogis Id in a template, reference it with this Id notation:

Id = Equals("abcdefa01234567abcdefa0123456789")

Tip Tip

External key Id values always input as strings.

Field length

This data type is either a 36-character string (GUID in registry format) or a long (0 to 9,223,372,036,854,775,807):

  • GUID: abcdef10-1234-567a-bcde-f10123456789
  • Long: 333444555777111888

JavaScript conversion

When you use the optional [Script] section to insert your own JavaScript functions, Id data maps to a Custom Id object:

new Id({Native: "123"})
Available fields for (get,set)
  • For Id:

    Native (get, set)
    (case-sensitive with the "." operator)

  • For Id<table>:

    (case-sensitive with the "." operator)