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Color data type
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The data type Color is a text value that represents a color as an RGB hexadecimal value (for example, red is FF0000 and gold is FFD700). This data type is for defining colors associated with product displays, such as of the marker categories in Fleet.

Tip Tip

Here is a listing of HTML colors and a color picker for finding more shades.


Colors are expressed in 6-character hexadecimal strings, without prefix codes.

[Output]    # Update
Id(AcmeId) = Input.Name
ListColor = Input.ListColor

Sample input values:

Gas Stations,Fuel Stations,0F0,45AAEE,753190

Sample retrieve that adds a prefix to colors:

[Output]    # Retrieve
CatName = Input.Name
ListColor = "0x" || Input.ListColor  # Adds a prefix to the hex value
Field length

This data type is stored as a string of exactly six characters, and those characters must be some combination of the numbers 0 to 9 and the letters A to F. If your input string has three characters (such as 0F0), TDE doubles and stores it as the 6-character equivalent: 00FF00.

Note Note

TDE automatically removes any # sign prefix on your hexadecimal color values. If your data includes other prefix (0x) or suffix (h) codes, either remove the codes from your CSV file before running the template, or add an OnRow() function in the [Script] section to strip them during processing.

JavaScript conversion

Currently unsupported.