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PhoneNumber data type
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The data type PhoneNumber represents phone number data.

Note Note

This data type contains subfields. For more information about working with subfields, see Accessing subfields.


The PhoneNumber data type contains the following subfields:

SubfieldData TypeDescription
TypeTextThe type of phone number, such as Business, Personal, or any other value.
ContactTextThe contact associated with the phone number.
NumberTextThe phone number. This number can be in any format.
JavaScript conversion

When you use the optional [Script] section to insert your own JavaScript functions, PhoneNumber data maps to a custom PhoneNumber object:

new PhoneNumber({Type: "Business", Contact:"Bob Acme", Number:"855-895-1480"})
Available fields for (get,set)

You can access these PhoneNumber elements as fields:

  • .Type

  • .Contact

  • .Number