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FormFieldValue data type
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The data type FormFieldValue represents a form's field and is made up of the subfields described below.


For more information about working with subfields, see Accessing subfields.

The FormFieldValue data type contains the following subfields:

SubfieldData TypeDescription
IdNumberThe internal Id of the form field.
NameTextThe name of the form field.
ValueTextThe value of the form field for this instance of the form.
PathArray<Text>An array containing the names of the form sections that contain this field.
TypeId<DataType>The Data types of the type of data this field contains.
JavaScript conversion

When you use the optional [Script] section to insert your own JavaScript functions, access this data type as follows:

new FormFieldValue({Id: 44, Name:"Field", Value:"Value", Type:"522d49a7-02d7-4c60-9f83-fb456e627c5e", Path:["section 1", "section2"]})
Available fields for (get,set)

You can access these address elements as fields:

  • .Id

  • .Name

  • .Value

  • .Path

  • .Type