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LegacyTelogisServiceDeleteDriver Method
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Remove the specified Driver from Verizon Connect Fleet. Note: Before you delete a driver (or a sub-user associated with a driver) from Fleet, it is important that six months of ELD reports for the driver or sub-user are downloaded. This includes drivers and sub-users who no longer work for the organization. Once you delete a driver or sub-user, this action cannot be reverted, and reports for that driver or sub-user can no longer be generated.

Namespace: Telogis.API
public void DeleteDriver(
	long id


Type: SystemInt64
The ID of the Driver to delete.
// create properties of the new driver
Property fname = new Property("FirstName", "Joe");
Property lname = new Property("LastName", "Bloggs");
// create a new driver
Property[] d_props = new Property[] { fname, lname, ... };
long driverId = myService.CreateDriver("Electrician", 2609515, 675726, d_props);
// delete the driver
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