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LegacyTelogisServiceListConditionTypes Method
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Gets an array of all Verizon Connect Fleet ConditionTypes. See example.

Namespace: Telogis.API
public ConditionType[] ListConditionTypes()

Return Value

Type: ConditionType
An array of ConditionType objects. See example.
ConditionType[] conditionTypes = myService.ListConditionTypes();
foreach (ConditionType ct in conditionTypes) {
    Console.WriteLine("{0}\n-{1}\n-{2}\n", ct.Name, ct.Description, ct.Instructions);
/* Output snippet:
-Vehicle is stopped at a location for longer than specified time
-Send on trigger only for best results.
Stopped not at any marker
-Vehicle stops at a location that is not a Marker
-Use trigger time to specify minimum time on site.
-Vehicle is used outside specified hours
-Send on trigger only for best results.
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