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LegacyTelogisServiceListDevices Method
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Get an array of devices connected to the specified unit (typically a vehicle).

Namespace: Telogis.API
public Device[] ListDevices(
	long unitId


Type: SystemInt64
Unit ID. Only devices associated with this unit will be returned.

Return Value

Type: Device
An arary of Device objects.
The following code snippets lists all of your Verizon Connect Fleet units, along with a summary of each device associated with each unit and whether the device is connected or not.
    Output snippet:
    Dave's Truck (vCore_G3)
        Verizon Connect VCore is connected
    Josh's Truck (vCore_G3)
        Verizon Connect VCore is connected*/

// get *all* of our units
Unit[] units = myService.FindUnits(null, null);
foreach (Unit u in units) 
    // output the unit name and type
    Console.WriteLine("{0} ({1})", u.Name, u.Type);
    // get an array of devices for the unit
    Device[] devices = myService.ListDevices(u.ID); 
    foreach (Device d in devices) 
        Console.WriteLine("\t{0} is {1}", d.Name, d.Connected ? "connected" : "disconnected");
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