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Column table
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The Column table allows you to retrieve information about the columns that are stored within a Table.

This topic contains the following sections:


When you write templates that access this table, follow these requirements:

  1. Specify the Symbolic Name for the table version to use:

    TableID = Column-1.0

  2. Specify an Intent that this table supports:

    • Retrieve

  3. Retrieve templates: This table does not require the use of a fetcher. However, the following fetchers are available to optimize your query and are listed from most efficient to least:
    1. Id (Equals/In)
      Id(ExtId) = Equals(Id1)   # You can filter on literals or on variables from the [User] or [Calculated] sections.
      Id(ExtId) = In(["Id1","Id2","Id3"])
Column column descriptions

This list includes each column's name, which you use in expressions to retrieve data, and data type, which defines how the data is retrieved.

Column Data Type Description
TableId Id<Table> The ID of the table.
Name Text (primary key; Telogis key) The name of the column.
Description Text (read-only) The description of the column.
DataTypeId Id<DataType> The ID of the DataType stored by the column.
ForeignTableId Id<Table> (read-only) The ID of the foreign Table, if the column is a foreign key column.
IsDiagnostic BoolType (read-only) Indicates whether this column is a diagnostic column.
IsReadable BoolType (read-only) Indicates whether the values in this column can be read from.
IsWriteable BoolType (read-only) Indicates whether the values in this column can be written to.
IsTelogisKey BoolType (read-only) Indicates whether the column can be used as a Telogis key.