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Fleet table
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Use the Fleet table to manage fleets for the organization of units.

Fleets have two types:

  • Hierarchy fleets are defined implicitly as a node in a hierarchy to enable users to work with vehicles based on their position in the company's organizational structure. You can use the Fleet table to retrieve hierarchy fleets. Use the Hierarchy table to create, update, or delete a hierachy fleet.
  • Explicitly created fleets are useful for sharing information with customers or organizing information about vehicles by some criterion other than your company's structure. You can use the Fleet table to create, update, delete, and retrieve non-hierarchical fleets.

This topic contains the following sections:

Tip Tip

You can manage the vehicles assigned to a fleet by using the Unit table.


When you Create a fleet, Name is the only required value. On creation, all fleets are private and visible only to the creator. To make a fleet visible to all users, set IsPublic=True.

When you write templates that access the Fleet table, follow these requirements:

  1. Specify the Symbolic Name for the table version to use:

    TableID = Fleet-1.0

  2. Specify an Intent that this table supports:

    • Retrieve
    • Create
    • Update
    • CreateOrUpdate
    • Delete

  3. Input templates: In your [Output] section, be sure to map an input value to every table column that is flagged as being a primary key or required.

Fleet Column Descriptions

This list includes each column's name, which you use in expressions to retrieve or create data, and data type, which defines how the data is retrieved and set.

Note Note
If a column of data type Id is a primary key OR if it refers to other tables (Id <OtherTable>), then you can map it to an external key or, in some cases, a Telogis key.
Column Data Type Description
Id Id (primary key) The ID of the fleet.
Name Text (Telogis key) The name of the fleet.
IsPublic BoolType Indicates if the fleet is public or private. Public fleets are available to all users, while private fleets are available only to their owner.
Notes Text Free form notes about the fleet.
IsHierarchy BoolType (read-only) Indicates if the fleet is a hierarchy fleet. Hierarchy fleets can only be edited by updating the hierarchy.
UnitIds Set<Id<Unit>> A set of unit IDs in the fleet. Updates must include the full set of desired IDs.

Additional columns:

Column Data Type Description
CustomerId Id (read-only, all Fleet tables) The ID of the customer/owner.
CustomerFullName Text (read-only, all Fleet tables) The human-readable full name of the customer/owner.
Custom columns
Column Data Type Description Text Specifies a user-defined custom column name to store additional information in the table. If the column name contains non-alphanumeric characters, enclose the value in brackets, for example Custom.[Special column].