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VehicleCapacityLimit table
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With the VehicleCapacityLimit table, you can define the total amount, weight, and/or volume of a capacity metric allowed in a vehicle to help with route planning.

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Contact your account manager to enable the Load Management feature for your account.

This topic contains the following sections:


When you write templates that access this table, follow these requirements:

  1. Specify the Symbolic Name for the table version to use:

    TableID = VehicleCapacityLimit-1.0

  2. Specify an Intent that this table supports:

    • Retrieve
    • Create
    • Update
    • CreateOrUpdate
    • Delete

  3. Input templates: In your [Output] section, be sure to map an input value to every table column that is flagged as being a primary key or required.

  4. Retrieve templates: This table does not require the use of a fetcher. However, the following fetchers are available to optimize your query and are listed from most efficient to least:
    1. Id (Equals/In)
      Id(ExtId) = Equals(Id1)   # You can filter on literals or on variables from the [User] or [Calculated] sections.
      Id(ExtId) = In(["Id1","Id2","Id3"])
    2. UnitId (Equals/In)
      UnitId(ExtId) = Equals(Id1)   # Or use the In condition: In([Id1,Id2,Id3])
VehicleCapacityLimit column descriptions

This list includes each column's name, which you use in expressions to retrieve data, and data type, which defines how the data is retrieved.

Column Data Type Description
Id Id (primary key) The ID of the vehicle capacity limit.
UnitId Id<Unit> The ID of the vehicle that has capacity limits.
CapacityMetricId Id<CapacityMetric> The ID of capacity matric on which the limit lays.
AmountLimit Number The amount per unit of the vehicle capacity limit.

Additional columns:

Column Data Type Description
CustomerId Id (read-only, all Fleet tables) The ID of the customer/owner.
CustomerFullName Text (read-only, all Fleet tables) The human-readable full name of the customer/owner.
Custom columns
Column Data Type Description Text Specifies a user-defined custom column name to store additional information in the table. If the column name contains non-alphanumeric characters, enclose the value in brackets, for example Custom.[Special column].